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DuPont 1422A disposable medical belt protective clothing

DuPont1422Adisposablemedicalbeltprotectiveclothing DuPont1422Adisposablemedicaltapeprotectiveclothingisadisposablemedicalprotectiveclothingthatcanisolatebacteria,harmfulultra-finedust,acidicsolution,s
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DuPont 1422A disposable medical belt protective clothing


DuPont 1422A disposable medical tape protective clothing is a disposable medical protective clothing that can isolate bacteria, harmful ultra-fine dust, acidic solution, salt solution and effectively keep the environment clean. DuPont 1422A disposable protective clothing is not only breathable, Anti-static adsorption, has better anti-permeability, has high impact resistance and strong mechanical properties while resisting multiple organic solvents and acid-base corrosion. The product materials are not flammable, non-toxic, non-irritating, harmless to the skin, etc., and are highly praised by users at home and abroad!

DuPont 1422A disposable medical protective clothing product details show:



What are the product advantages of DuPont 1422A disposable medical protective clothing?


DuPont 1422A disposable medical protective clothing is suitable for providing barriers to blood, body fluids and secretions of potentially infectious patients exposed to work. The protective clothing adopts a two-layer structure, the outer layer is ultrafine fiber, and the fiber fineness reaches 300. Below the nanometer, the inner layer is a high-humidity TPU film, which has many functions such as anti-virus, moisture permeability, antibacterial, anti-blood penetration, waterproof, anti-static, flame retardant, etc., and is comfortable to wear. Among them, it has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability performance. The moisture content is up to 5000g/m2.d (the national standard is 2500g/m2.d), the hydrostatic pressure is above 30KPA, and the filtration effect on viruses and bacteria is over 99%. It is an essential artifact for preventing bird flu.



The correct wearing method of the state 1422A disposable medical protective clothing:


First, unfold the 1422A disposable protective suit, unzip the zipper, step into the legs from the zipper opening, then put on the top, stretch out the sleeve from the sleeve, wear the hood, pull the zipper from the front of the chest and reverse Hold it down and put on your shoe cover.

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