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DuPont Tychem F-class Siamese Chemical Protective Clothing

Productintroduction: DuPontTychemF-classSiamesechemicalprotectiveclothingismanufacturedbyDuPontTychemFandhasexcellentchemicalprotectionproperties.ItiscompoundedbyDuPont'snotedTyvekandDowChemical'sSaia
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Product introduction:


DuPont Tychem F-class Siamese chemical protective clothing is manufactured by DuPont Tychem F and has excellent chemical protection properties. It is compounded by DuPont's noted Tyvek and Dow Chemical's Saianex23-p protective film, which can withstand many organic substances, such as High concentration of acid and alkali chemicals, benzene, xylene and other infiltration; can withstand 5 bar liquid pressure; with good performance level through the European standard EN14126:2003 biological agent protection test, to achieve European standard chemical protective clothing 3,4,5, Level 6 protection.


DuPont Tychem F-class Siamese chemical protective clothing inner layer is anti-static treatment with high protection level, light weight and softness combined (118 g / square meter), light weight but very strong, 100% anti-dust, can defend 166 different Toxic gases, corrosive gases, liquids and fixed chemical crystals; good protection against high concentrations of inorganic acids and bases, and good protection against most organic chemicals.


Main uses: protection of a variety of organic chemicals and protection of biological agents, can be used in chemical, industrial cleaning and maintenance, hazardous materials disposal, disease and disaster control.


Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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