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Lakeland Maxi protective clothing AMN428E (connected hooded)

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The Lekland Max Protective Clothing AMN428E is an outer layer of high quality microporous film with a spunbonded polypropylene nonwoven fabric that provides good liquid and dust protection. Ready-made garments are European standard products |||Class ("complex") products.


Lakeland Maxi protective clothing AMN428E is used for protection against life-threatening hazards:


1 Type 5 (EN13982-1) - provides protection against harmful dry particles;

2. Type 6 (EN13034) - provides protection against mild splashing of chemical liquids;

3the fabric material is soft, comfortable to wear and has good wet steam ventilation (MVT) performance;

4Lakeland "superb" perfect version: three hats, sleeves, forks, make the wear more comfortable, and extend the use of time;

5, Lakeland Max protective clothing AMN428E antistatic performance to achieve EN1149 anti-static standards. The product meets the requirements of EN1073-2:2002 anti-radioactive particle penetration standard;

6, anti-biochemical penetrating fabric has passed the US ASTMF1671-97a, and European standard EN14126 related anti-biochemical bacteria penetration test.


Lakeland Max Protective Clothing AMN428E Applicable Location:


1. Protects against mild splashes, sprays and harmful dry dust of low-hazard chemical liquids;

2. Paint spraying operation (the surface layer is free of fiber layer and anti-static);

3. Clean room environment application (may require additional clean treatment);

4. General cleaning, repair and maintenance operations;

5. General asbestos control sites (clear, treatment);

6. Food handling operations;

7. Electronic processing, assembly, etc.;

8. Medical and health;

9. Protection of oils and resins.

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