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RHF02-ND fully enclosed chemical protective clothing (butyl rubber)

productdescription: RHF02-NDFullyEnclosedChemicalProtectiveClothingisaspecialprotectivegarmentwornduringaviciousincidentcausedbychemicalproductionorleakage.Theproductusesultrasonicweldingandheat-seale
Product Details

product description:


RHF02-ND Fully Enclosed Chemical Protective Clothing is a special protective garment worn during a vicious incident caused by chemical production or leakage. The product uses ultrasonic welding and heat-sealed joints to effectively protect media such as gases, liquids and particles. The product is a one-piece protective clothing, and the joint parts are strict and reasonable, preventing the intrusion of acid and alkali chemicals, and the clothing is light and easy to move and wear off.


Note: RHF02-ND fully enclosed chemical protective clothing is a closed protective suit, which needs to be used together with RHZKF6.8L/30 positive pressure air breathing apparatus.



Product parameters:


1. Material: silk cloth coated with butyl rubber;

2. Color: Orange

3. Fabric thickness: 0.45mm

4. Anti-acid and alkali penetration time:

98% sulfuric acid: 100 (min) is not transparent

30% hydrochloric acid: 100 (min) is not transparent

60% nitric acid: 100 (min) is not transparent

40% sodium hydroxide: 100 (min) is not transparent

5. Breaking strength: warp direction 728, weft direction 525

6. Anti-aging performance (120 ° C 24h): no sticking and no crack

7. Cold resistance (-40 ° C 5min fold 180 °) no crack





RHF02-ND fully enclosed chemical protective clothing is mainly used in fire protection, petroleum, chemical, military, metallurgical and other industries. It is worn when handling chemical dangerous goods, corrosive substances, toxic and harmful gas liquids.

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