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Special activated carbon replacement filter for blower filter system

productdescription: Theairsupplytypelongtuberespiratorfiltersystemreplacementcoreisareplaceableproductthatisindependentlydevelopedandproducedbyourcompanyandarrangedintheelectricairsupplylongtuberespir
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product description:


The air supply type long tube respirator filter system replacement core is a replaceable product that is independently developed and produced by our company and arranged in the electric air supply long tube respirator blower to filter and purify the inhaled air quality. This product mainly consists of honeycomb activated carbon filter and primary filter cotton. It can absorb small particles, odor, toxic and harmful gases in the air, improve the air intake quality, reduce the inhalable dust and gas pollution, and protect the users. The respiratory system is safe. This product is widely used in limited space operations, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, gas plant, urban construction underground construction and other industries, maintenance of tower tanks, underground construction, painting operations and other operating environments.


Product composition and description:


1. Honeycomb activated carbon filter

The honeycomb activated carbon filter is made of high-quality granular activated carbon, has a developed pore structure, good adsorption performance, and can absorb various small particles, odors, poisonous and harmful gases in the air.


Configuration instructions:


Activated carbon granules or ultra-fine synthetic fibers and special spectral adsorption media, while removing gas molecules and dust pollution, improve air quality.


Class A: adsorption of VOC and Ozone, etc.

Class B: Absorbs acidic toxic gases (SO2, NO2, H2S, HCl, HF)

Class C: Absorbs alkaline toxic gases (NH3 amines, etc.)


2. Primary filter cotton


Compressed by flame-resistant flame-retardant hot-melt organic synthetic fibers in a non-woven manner, with multi-directional, gradual, hot-air and needle-punched primary filter cotton to filter dust and suspension of ≥5μm particles in the atmosphere Mainly, the filtration efficiency for the 5μm particles are: 40%, 65%, 80%, 90% or European standard standards G1, G2, G3, G4; moisture resistance can reach 100% relative humidity, temperature resistance 100 °C, The instantaneous temperature is 120 °C. This product has the characteristics of high gas permeability, low pressure loss, high dust collection efficiency, flame retardancy, low resistance and large dust holding capacity. It meets the fire classification standard DIN53438-F1 and UL900-Class1 in the United States.


Product life:


In order to ensure the safety of the respiratory system of the user, the replacement of the filter system requires timely replacement of new products. Generally, under the condition of rated air volume, it can be used normally for 1 to 2 months, that is, the filter cotton needs to be replaced; or when the resistance of the filter cotton reaches 200 Pa or more, the filter cotton must be replaced; in a heavily polluted environment, the replacement time is shortened accordingly.

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