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NA-IV four-person long tube respirator blower (built-in power supply type)

productdescription: Ourlongtuberespiratorblower(built-inpowersupplytype)canbedirectlyconnectedtoACpower.Itcanbedirectlyswitchedtousethebuilt-inbatteryintheabsenceofpowersupplyorsuddenpowerfailure.Thel
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product description:


Our long tube respirator blower (built-in power supply type) can be directly connected to AC power. It can be directly switched to use the built-in battery in the absence of power supply or sudden power failure. The large-capacity battery can guarantee continuous operation for 8 hours or so. The normal progress. The built-in power supply type is equipped with a color screen power display, and a buzzer alarm will be issued when the built-in power supply is too low to ensure the user's personal safety. The initial effect and activated carbon filter cotton are installed at the air inlet of the blower to ensure that the user can still breathe fresh air even if there is dust or some poisonous smoke on the spot.


Product Specifications:


Power supply type

power supply

battery capacity

operating hours


shell material

AC / built-in power supply





Flame retardant PC molded case


Instructions for use:


1. The air supply long tube mask must check the connection ports before use, and there should be no looseness to avoid air leakage and endanger the health of the user.

2. With the battery fan blower opening sequence:
(1) press the charging switch, the display power, confirm the battery power is enough
(2) press the air supply switch, the indicator lights up, start to supply air.

3. With battery charging fan charging sequence:
(1) power cord connected to AC power
(2) turn on the switch power switch button, press the charging switch, start charging.

4. The built-in power supply type is equipped with a color screen power display, and a buzzer alarm will be issued when the power supply is low voltage. At this time, pay attention to timely turning on the power or reminding the user to evacuate in time.

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