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AE102A Oxygen Filling Pump

MainparametersofoxygenfillingpumpAE102A: Themainpurposeofthe45MPaoxygenfillingpumpistoextractoxygenfromtheatmospherebottleandfillitintotheoxygenbreathingapparatuscylindertoraisethesmallcylindertothera
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Main parameters of oxygen filling pump AE102A:


The main purpose of the 45MPa oxygen filling pump is to extract oxygen from the atmosphere bottle and fill it into the oxygen breathing apparatus cylinder to raise the small cylinder to the rated pressure.

The maximum inflation pressure of the AE102A oxygen filling pump is 45 MPa.

2015 new standard positive pressure air breathing apparatus RHZK6.8 security inspection mandatory 3C certification.


Oxygen filling pump AE102A main features:


The main purpose of the oxygen filling pump is to extract oxygen from the atmospheric bottle and fill it into a small volume oxygen cylinder to raise the small cylinder to the rated pressure. For example, the oxygen in the compressed oxygen self-rescuer can be filled with a filling pump after use. This loop is used. The AE102 Oxygen Filling Pump is mainly used to fill the oxygen rescue bottle filled with oxygen breathing apparatus and compressed oxygen self-rescuer in the mine rescue team. It can also be used in chemical, petroleum, medical, fire fighting and other related terminals to fill oxygen.


Oxygen filling pump AE102A application:


It is suitable for recharge of oxygen and non-combustible gases, and has high recharge efficiency. Due to national standards, the product structure is rigorous, small in size, light in weight, short in operation, easy to maintain, and low in cost.

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