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Noon Technology THHX-15 Emergency Escape Respirator

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Noon Technology THHX-15 Emergency Escape Respirator

Introduction to the No. THHX-15 Emergency Escape Respirator: The emergency escape breathing apparatus is equipped with a flame-proof hood that covers the head, neck and shoulders. The hood has a clear, wide and bright viewing window. Escape breathing apparatus can be divided into filter self-rescue breathing apparatus and chemical oxygen self-rescue breathing apparatus. The working time of the air breathing apparatus is generally 30~360min. The maximum limit of the protection time varies according to the type of the respirator. In general, air respirators are slightly shorter than oxygen respirators. It consists of 3 liters of 30 MPa cylinders, bottle valves, air supply valves, and masks. It is widely used in places where the concentration of hypoxia and toxic and harmful gases is high or unknown, which immediately harms human body and health. For example, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, public emergency emergency and other operating environments for their own protection.


Noon Technology THHX-15 emergency escape breathing device parameters




Cylinder water volume


Alarm pressure

5.5±5 Mpa

Cylinder working pressure


Inspiratory resistance

≤500 pa

usage time

More than 15 minutes

Expiratory resistance

≤1000 pa

Applicable ambient temperature


Noon Technology THHX-15 emergency escape respirator more parameters, please consult: 400-003-0866 (National free unified service hotline)


Noon Technology THHX-15 Emergency Escape Respirator Features

1. Compressed air bottle, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, gas pipeline, hood, backpack, etc., can provide a constant flow of gas for 10 or more minutes, which can be used in toxic, harmful, smog and anoxic environments. The personnel in the escape escape.

2. The pressure gauge on the cylinder always shows the pressure inside the cylinder. The hood or the full cover is equipped with an exhalation valve to discharge the gas exhaled by the user out of the protective cover. Since the gas pressure in the protective cover is greater than the atmospheric pressure of the external environment, the ambient gas cannot enter the protective cover, thereby achieving the purpose of respiratory protection. The device is small in size and can be carried by personnel without affecting the normal activities of the person.

3. The structure is simple and the operation is simple. The user can operate correctly after reading the instructions without training.

Noon Technology THHX-15 emergency escape respirator more features, please consult: 400-003-0866 (National free unified service hotline)


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