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Italy Korch MCH6/EM portable respirator air air pump

Atthesceneofthefire,thetoxicgasisdiffuse,theoxygeninthespecialenvironmentisinsufficient,andthereisnoair(suchasunderwater).Weneedacleanandcontinuousairsupplypumptoprovidecontinuoussupplyofgas. Forfiref
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At the scene of the fire, the toxic gas is diffuse, the oxygen in the special environment is insufficient, and there is no air (such as underwater). We need a clean and continuous air supply pump to provide continuous supply of gas.


For firefighters on the front line of firefighting and underwater rescue, police officers and other special articles, people working under dangerous conditions, they risked to provide harmonious protection for the society, they should get the highest quality high-pressure breathing air compressor for their safety. Providing protection, each MCH6/EM compressor has a very high safety and efficiency, providing pure air that meets and exceeds the most stringent European standards: EN12021.


Italy MCH6/EM portable breathing air pump / compressor product parameters:

Model: MCH6/EM

Type: fire breathing gas

Free air output at rated pressure (L/min): 100

Maximum or rated working pressure (Bar g): 330

Drive power: (kW) 2.2

Drive mode: single-phase motor

Length (mm): 650

Width (mm): 390

Height (mm): 350

Weight (Kg): 39

Cooling system: air cooled

At rated working pressure: 330 Bar

Exhaust volume: 80L/min

Click power: (kW) 2.2

Voltage: 220V


Italy MCH6/EM portable breathing air pump / compressor product structure:


1, single-phase motor drive, air-cooled, four-stage, four-cylinder, all stainless steel intermediate and final cooler

2, lubrication: splash lubrication

3Standard scope of supply

4, durable spray all steel base with handle

5, 2.2KW single-phase motor drive

6, oil water separator (manual sewage)

7Activated carbon, molecular sieve and carbon monoxide absorbing molecules constitute a triple breathing air purification system

8, reusable packing tube can be easily and conveniently exchanged

9, the final safety valve

10Intake filter

11, anti-shock pressure gauge 0~5800psi/400bar

12. Operation Manual Spare Parts Manual

13, filling valve, outlet hose

14, Italy original random special high-pressure synthetic lubricants

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