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Italy Korch MCH13/SH gasoline engine driven respirator air pump

MCH13/SHGasolineEngineDrivenRespiratorAirPump/CompressorFeatures: MCH13MCH16internalcombustionengineseriesisthemostcost-effective,reliableanddurableproductintheproductline.Itislightinweightandcanbemov
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MCH13/SH Gasoline Engine Driven Respirator Air Pump/Compressor Features:


MCH13 MCH16 internal combustion engine series is the most cost-effective, reliable and durable product in the product line. It is light in weight and can be moved by two people. It can be put into the fire truck for mobile inflation and can be continuously inflated. Large units can be used in fire protection, diving, oil fields, salvage, shooting, chemical plants, etc. The compressed air meets the European EN12021 standard.


MCH13/SH gasoline engine driven respirator air pump / compressor structure:


◆Steel structure outer frame

◆ Yanmar L100 diesel engine drive

◆ Three-cylinder three-stage breathing special high-pressure compressor

◆ Each stage is equipped with an interstage safety valve and a final high pressure exhaust valve

◆ Stainless steel tube coil condenser and secondary three-stage condensate condenser for each level

◆ Two micron air intake filter

◆ Large-capacity activated carbon molecular sieve multiple filtration system

◆ 120BAR pressure maintenance valve to improve filtration efficiency

◆ Two 1.2-meter high-pressure air hoses with inflation valve (optional four)

◆ High pressure pressure gauge installed on the compressor

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