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Filter box / canister

Modelanddescription No.1:Comprehensiveprotectivecanister No.2:Comprehensiveanti-viruscanister No.3:OrganicGasCanister No.4:ammoniagasfiltertank;hydrogensulfidefiltertank No.5:Mercuryvaporcanister No.7
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Product Details

Model and description


No. 1: Comprehensive protective canister


No. 2: Comprehensive anti-virus canister


No. 3: Organic Gas Canister


No. 4: ammonia gas filter tank; hydrogen sulfide filter tank


No. 5: Mercury vapor canister


No. 7: Acid gas canister


No. 9: Formaldehyde canister


Features and uses


1) 1 1L 2 2L 3 4 5 6 7 7L 8 No. 9 different types of canisters (filter cartridges) are specially made according to different anti-virus performance requirements. When used, they are connected with air ducts and gas masks;


2) The product label is obvious, the filter performance is good, the resistance is small, the air tightness is good, and the replacement is convenient;


3) The protective performance of the canister (filter cartridge) is specific and should be selected according to the nature of the toxic and harmful gases in the environment, and cannot be used or mixed;


4) Storage: The canister is 5 years, the filter box is 3 years, and the warehouse should be dry and ventilated.

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