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601 half mask gas mask

601halfmaskgasmaskproductintroduction The601halfmaskisdesignedwithanintegratedheadbandforstableandcomfortablewearandeasytoadjustthetightness.Itisamorecommontypeofself-primingfiltergasmask.Theinterface
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601 half mask gas mask product introduction


The 601 half mask is designed with an integrated headband for stable and comfortable wear and easy to adjust the tightness. It is a more common type of self-priming filter gas mask. The interface uses a snap-on sealing interface, which is quick and easy to connect and replace the filter cartridge. The cover is made of silica gel and weighs only 150 grams (including headband). It is well-made, does not irritate the skin, has no odor, has good elasticity, and is soft and comfortable to meet with the face. The curved surface is suitable for a variety of face types, and the close-fitting frame is an inverted folding edge. It is comfortable to wear and has good air tightness, and can satisfy the wearing of more than 98% of adult citizens. The 601 half mask is suitable for connecting with the company's 11 series filter cartridges, and can also be docked with other branded filter cartridges that conform to this Zhao body interface.




Specifications: gas mask half mask


Model: 601 half mask


Interface standard: supporting the company's 11 series of filter cartridges


Material: Silicone


Weight: 150 grams (including headband)


With 11 series filter box total weight: 245 grams


Made of silicone, soft and comfortable, light weight, not sensitive;


Excellent ergonomic design, anti-folding airtight frame to meet the needs of 95% of adults;


The wearing of protective glasses has been considered;


The filter box design on both sides does not obstruct the line of sight;


The humanized headband design is simple and quick to adjust, does not entangle with the hair, and is suitable for wearing a helmet.


Good air tightness, simple structure, easy disassembly and maintenance, easy to clean;


The double filter cartridge has high filtration efficiency and low respiratory resistance, allowing the wearer to enjoy smooth breathing;


Unique fast bayonet, suitable for connection with our 10, 11 series double filter boxes;


Packing specifications: 6 / box, 10 boxes / box.




601 gas mask contains 5 models, consisting of 601 half mask No. 1 filter box, 601 half mask No. 3 filter box, 601 half mask No. 4 filter box, 601 half mask No. 7 filter box, 601 half mask 8 No.


601 half mask +1 filter box


Protection objects: inorganic gas or steam, hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen chloride, arsine, phosgene, diphosgene, chloropicrin, benzene, methyl bromide, dichloromethane, Lewis gas, mustard gas, phosphine, etc. Inorganic poison gas.


601 half mask + 3 filter box


Protection objects: organic gases and steam, benzene chlorine, acetone, alcohols, anilines, carbon dichloride, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, methyl bromide, methyl chloride, nitroalkane, chloropicrin, etc. poison gas.


601 half mask + 4 filter box


Protection object: ammonia, hydrogen sulfide (No. 4 filter box focuses on the protection of ammonia gas, No. 8 filter box focuses on the protection of hydrogen sulfide gas)


601 half mask + 7 filter box


Protection objects: acid gas and steam, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, phosgene, phosphorus and chlorine-containing organic pesticides and thousands of acid gases.


601 half mask + 8 filter box


Protection object: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia (No. 4 filter box focuses on the protection of ammonia gas, No. 8 filter box tank focuses on the protection of hydrogen sulfide gas)


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