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TF1-A Grimace Rubber Gas Mask

First,therubbertypegasmaskproductintroduction Rubber-typegasmasksareusedaspersonalprotectiveequipmenttoprovideeffectiveprotectionagainsttherespiratoryorgans,eyesandfacialskinofpeople.Therubbertypegasm
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First, the rubber type gas mask product introduction


Rubber-type gas masks are used as personal protective equipment to provide effective protection against the respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin of people. The rubber type gas mask is composed of a mask, a canister, or a gas pipe connected to a canister, and has the characteristics of large visual field, good air tightness and comfortable wearing. Rubber-type gas masks can be selected according to the protection requirements. The canisters of different medicines can be replaced and used for military, police and civil defense. They can also be used in different fields such as industry, agriculture, warehouse and scientific research.




Second, rubber type gas mask product parameters


1. Protection object: According to the needs, different filter cans can be selected to protect various toxic gas vapors and poisonous smoke mist;


2. Oil mist transmission rate: no more than 0.005%;


3. Inspiratory resistance: no more than 20daPa;


4. Air leakage coefficient: not more than 0.0001%;


5, the total field of view: 75%;


6, binocular vision: 35%;




Third, the use of rubber-type gas masks and storage matters


1. Wearing a mask: When wearing, you can screw the small canister directly to the joint seat; you can also connect the medium and large filter tanks with the air duct. The tightness of the headband should be considered for airtightness and comfort. At the same time, pay attention to the guide. The flow cover is unobstructed. Wearing a mask for a long time, especially when wearing on a hot day, accumulates more sweat around the bar, can bend deep and exhale, and sweat is discharged from the exhalation valve.


2, remove the mask: use the right hand to grab the talker up and forward, so that the mask is removed from the bottom up.


3. Mask maintenance and storage: After using the mask, wipe off the sweat and dirt inside and outside the mask, especially keep the lens and the expiratory valve clean. If you find dirt at the exhalation valve, you can unscrew the talker cover and take out the exhalation valve membrane module for cleaning, then install it as it is and tighten the lid. The mask should be stored in a cool and dry place. The cover should be placed in a support. Do not touch organic solvents such as gasoline or stack them at random to avoid deformation of the cover.






1. In a toxic environment, where the oxygen concentration is below 18% and the concentration of toxic gases is more than 2%, the filter-type gas masks of various types of filter cans can not play a protective role, and should be replaced with air-supplied and oxygen-supplied masks.


2. The effective protection time of various types of canisters is related to the air temperature, humidity, and concentration of harmful gases. It is also related to the labor intensity of the user, the amount of vital capacity, etc., and must be subjected to rigorous testing to determine whether it is effective. If you smell the faint smell of poisonous gas, you should immediately leave the poison zone to adjust or wear it.

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