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TANK-BOX2 explosion-proof inflatable box (2 bottles)

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Name: Explosion-proof inflatable box

Model: TANK-BOX2

Number of bottles: 2 bottles

Applicable gas cylinder: 6-9 liter carbon fiber cylinder or cylinder

Working pressure: 40MPA (400BAR)

Volume (length, width, height): 600mm*645mm*1270mm

Weight: 245KG


TANK-BOX2 explosion-proof inflatable box (two bottles) Features:


1. High-strength steel plate laser cutting processing with high precision, reliable operation and flexibility;

2. Rotary shaft nitrogen spring support, easy to open and close the door, light and light;

3, double-layer high-strength 5mm steel armor, the inner layer of steel armor has airflow diversion holes to guide the high-speed airflow when the cylinder gas cylinder bursts, effectively preventing the gas cylinder from damaging the person;

4. The United States closes the inflation valve. When the explosion-proof inflatable box door is opened, even if the inflation valve is opened, the cylinder will not be inflated. Only when the door is closed, the cylinder can be inflated to prevent misoperation; the US pressure reducing valve, regardless of the gas source How high the pressure can be adjusted according to the working pressure of the cylinder to the required working pressure to prevent the cylinder from overpressure.


TANK-BOX2 explosion-proof inflatable box (two bottles) Product specifications:


1. The maximum intake pressure is 420 bar

2, pull-out door opening method

3, the left and right sides of the box and the front double-layer explosion-proof steel armor exceeds 10mm, ensuring the safety of operators

4, equipped with the United States imported pressure reducing valve, gas cylinder inflation pressure adjustable

5, no power, no spark

6, close the door automatically lock the door

7, close the door automatic inflation

8, open the door to automatically stop the inflation

9. Fill two cylinders at the same time (optional 3 or 4)

11, intake pressure gauge, 0-600bar.

12, gas pressure gauge, 0-600bar.

13, filling cylinder pressure gauge, 0-600bar.

14, two inflatable hoses

15, two inflation valves

16, there is a vent valve on the inflation valve


TANK-BOX2 explosion-proof inflatable box (two bottles) Product use:


1. Protect yourself, your employees and customers from the risk of gas cylinder explosion.

2. The gas cylinder explosion-proof inflatable box is for the safety of the gas cylinder filling personnel. In the actual use of the gas cylinder, it is difficult to avoid the accidental discovery of some gas cylinders with safety hazards. The explosion-proof inflatable tank can block the hidden cylinders from blasting. The high-speed fragment generated during the damage to the cylinder operator.

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