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Since the launch of the company's products, its reliable performance, user-friendly design, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service have laid a good foundation for the company to establish a corporate image and conduct business.


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Langfang Xinao Gas (New Austrian Energy)

Cooperationtime:2010 CooperativeProducts:Nuo-TechSQJ-IANaturalGasDetector(SpecialDetectorforGasCompany) In2010,LangfangXinaoGasmetHebeiNuoanTechnologyCo.,Ltd.throughtheInternetandpurchasedabatchofSQJ-
Cooperation time: 2010
Cooperative Products: Nuo-Tech SQJ-IA Natural Gas Detector (Special Detector for Gas Company)
In 2010, Langfang Xinao Gas met Hebei Nuoan Technology Co., Ltd. through the Internet and purchased a batch of SQJ-IA natural gas detectors. Since this product is used for natural gas testing, now gas companies go to residential buildings to inspect the gas, using the SQJ-IA natural gas detector from the company. Now, as long as it is a detector of the company, the new Austrian gas will be purchased in large quantities.
Xinao Energy (formerly Xinao Gas) started its pipeline gas business in 1992 and is one of the largest clean energy distributors in China. Xinao Energy currently operates more than 140 city gas projects in 16 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions across the country, providing urban gas and various types of clean energy products and services to more than 10.6 million residential users and 47,600 industrial and commercial users, laying pipelines. More than 27,000 kilometers, invest in and operate 527 natural gas vehicle refueling stations. The Chinese mainland market covers more than 65.37 million urban population.
Peng An, Manager of Hebei Nuoan Technology Co., Ltd. reminded that gas companies must use gas-specific gas detectors. Although other gas detectors can achieve the purpose of detection, they have less accuracy and service life than professional gas detectors.