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What are the causes of the failure of flammable gas alarms?

The cause of the failure of the flammable gas alarm is very complicated. Therefore, we recommend that you first contact the relevant technical personnel of the manufacturer after the problem occurs. Perform repairs under the direction of a professional or ask a professional to repair it. So, what causes the flammable gas alarm to fail? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone and I hope to help everyone.
In this regard, Xiaoan Xiaobian said: In fact, leading to the failure of the combustible gas alarm is mainly due to the user does not understand the detector performance, improper equipment selection, improper use of the user, did not follow the specification requirements, maintenance is not enough, etc. Caused a malfunction. Therefore, the user must not only analyze the cause of the failure of the combustible gas alarm, but also use the combustible gas alarm correctly to minimize the occurrence of failure.
How to correctly use combustible gas alarm?
1. Install the air conditioning and heating equipment close to combustible detectors. When using air conditioning and heating equipment, if the cold and warm air flows directly through the flammable gas alarm, it may cause the resistivity of the platinum wire of the flammable gas alarm. There is an error in the change. Therefore, the combustible gas alarm should be far away from the air-conditioning and heating equipment, so as to avoid faults caused by improper installation positions.
2. In the process of using combustible gas alarms, users should also pay attention to preventing electromagnetic interference. The installation position, installation angle, protective measures and system wiring of flammable gas alarms shall be protected against electromagnetic interference. There are three main ways that the electromagnetic environment affects combustible gas alarms: electromagnetic wave interference in the air, narrow pulse groups on the power supply and other input and output lines, and static electricity on the human body. For example, when a flammable gas alarm is installed near an air conditioner, it will cause the detection of the system to be deviated; the spacing between the detection circuit and the power lines, lighting lines and other strong electric circuits is small, and without the protection against electromagnetic interference, the system will also generate detection deviations. . The
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