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How to install the human body static eliminator?

What are the harms of static electricity to the human body? Xiao'an Xiaobian said: The relevant medical research has confirmed that the human body accumulates static electricity that is harmful to health, some people have skin allergies, cardiac arrhythmia, headaches, insomnia, and irritability and other symptoms; others also have erected hair, nervousness, and fear of contact with metal objects. In addition, when the human body accumulates electrostatic touch computers, it will cause computer crashes, breakdowns of electronic components, and flammable gases to ignite and explode.
Therefore, in some enterprises, eliminating static electricity is an important part that cannot be ignored. So, what is the body's electrostatic discharge? What is the role? Xiaoan Xiaobian said: The human body static eliminator uses a passive type circuit to make use of the static electricity on the human body to make the circuit work, and finally to eliminate static electricity. Its characteristics are: small size, light weight. No power supply required. Easy to install. Eliminating static electricity without feeling and so on.
How to install the human body static eliminator?
 Step one, use the punch to drill the appropriate mounting hole in the ground, the expansion bolt into the mounting hole (to prevent the installation hole is too deep, should first put the expansion bolt and tighten the nut slightly until the bolt does not fall down , and then remove the nut).
Step 2. Insert the base of the mounting flange into the already placed expansion bolt and fix it with a screw. Connect the grounding cable to the grounding device such as the grounding cable.
Nuo'an NAFZJ-1 intelligent explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharge product features
1. The ball adopts anti-static sub-conductors through composite conductive fiber materials, and the anti-static resistance parameters are achieved through special chemical composition treatment.
2, explosion-proof touch ball, safe release of static electricity, human contact does not produce a sense of electric shock, to achieve absolute release of sparks, intrinsically safe, explosion-proof static elimination.
3, non-metallic ball material can be effectively put an end, because the summer outside the high temperature hot, low temperature outside the touch of the winter feel uncomfortable.
4, the release of large spheres of science and technology content, 120mm feel more comfortable.
5, the use of cable structure safe and reliable safety and conductive effect.
6, sound and light alarm alert function.
Tips: The above is related to "How to install the human body static eliminator?" If you want to know more about the price, model, or other introduction of the human body electrostatic discharge device, you can directly call our customer service hotline: 0311-85058333 or 15226579696, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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