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Why is the color of the chemical protective clothing in the bright color?

Now we are all familiar with chemical protective clothing. Its main role is to protect our body from harmful and harmful substances. So why are the colors of chemical protective clothing bright? In this regard, here we follow the Xiaobian Xiaobian together to understand the reasons.
    Why is the color of the chemical protective clothing in the bright color?
    Xiaoan Xiaobian said: Chemical protective clothing is mainly used in some harsh and dangerous environments such as: coal mines, pipelines, chemical production plants, confined spaces, laboratories, and chemical dangerous goods leakage sites, etc. Okay, some bright colors can attract attention, and once accidents happen, they can easily be found by rescue workers. If the color is not obvious or dark, once an accident occurs, it is not easy to be discovered and an accident may occur. Time will be money, and one minute is more dangerous. Therefore, we should choose bright chemical protective clothing when choosing protection.
    The wavelengths of the red, yellow, and green colors in the color are long wavelengths, are less prone to dispersion, can be transmitted farther, and shorter wavelengths of other colors are easier to diverge and have weaker penetrating power. Therefore, the color of many chemical protective clothing is also red, yellow and green.
    RFH02-ND heavy chemical protective clothing parameter information:
    Anti-acid and alkali penetration time: 98% sulfuric acid 240 (MIN) is not transparent; 30% hydrochloric acid 240 (MIN) is not transparent
    60% nitric acid 240 (MIN) is not transparent; 40% sodium hydroxide 240 (MIN) is not transparent
    Breaking strength: Radial (N) ≥ 482 Weft (N) ≥ 481
    Material: flame retardant, double-sided coating butyl rubber
    Material thickness: 0.65mm
    Color: Yellow
    Flame Retardant: Flammable Burning Time (S) ≤ 10 Flameless Burning Time (S) ≤ 10
    Holding time (S) ≤ 2
    Anti-aging performance: (120°C 24H) non-stick
    Cold resistance: (-40°C 5MIN folding 180°) without cracks Sole puncture resistance (N): ≥1110
    Boot breakdown voltage (N): ≥ 5000 Rubber boots Anti-slip performance: (°) ≥ 15
    Tips: Hebei Nuoan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production of chemical protection clothing common, in order to meet the requirements of our customers, we produce different levels of chemical protective clothing according to the user's different working environment, Nuoan products win with quality, Win the product. If you would also like to know more about the introduction of chemical protective clothing, you can directly call our customer service hotline: 0311-85058333 or 15226579696, we will be happy to help you.


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