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Portable gas detector | single gas detector hot money

Gas masks are believed to be a type of respiratory protective device that we have come into contact with earlier. The respiratory protection products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, fire protection, disaster relief, pesticides, health and epidemic prevention and technology and environmental protection. Can it withstand the harmful effects of toxic and harmful substances on our respiratory system? So what are the types of gas masks?
The types of gas masks can be divided into filter gas masks and isolated gas masks.
1. Filter gas mask:
Category: half mask, full face mask, smoke mask
The difference between the half mask gas mask and the full mask gas mask: the gas mask body is different, the half mask gas mask can only do respiratory protection, and the full mask gas mask can also protect the entire face (including eyes and face) while protecting against the respiratory tract. Play a protective role.
Application: Full face mask and half face mask are mainly used in spray painting, pesticide spraying, ink printing, and chemical industry; while smoke and gas masks are mostly used for emergency escape in case of fire.
2. Isolated gas mask:
Category: long tube respirator, air respirator
The long tube respirator is also divided into two types: self-priming and electric ventilation. The use of the mask is not limited by the degree of environmental pollution; air respirator, also known as gas mask or fire mask, uses compressed air as the source of air.
The difference between the long tube respirator and the air respirator: The former can continuously supply fresh air to the user; the latter's supply time is determined by the capacity of the configured cylinder, which can generally be used for 45 to 60 minutes.
Tips: The above is related to the "What kind of gas mask?" to do the relevant introduction, if you still want to know more, or do not know what kind of gas mask used in their work environment, you can directly call our customer service hotline: 0311 -85058333 or 15226579696 Our professionals will recommend gas masks that suit you based on your usage.


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